Document, microfilm & large format scanning services growth

Now that AaRMS have settled into our new home in Greater Manchester, we are excited to have a whole new fleet of equipment available for our scanning staff. This has allowed us to not only provide a faster conversion service, but it has improved the quality of the scanned images. And we were pretty pleased with the quality already!

In our document scanning department we have now retired our fleet of Canon scanners and upgraded to Kodak i3400 and i5800 scanners. The AaRMS operation now has the capability of scanning up to 100,000 pages per day without major changes to the shift patterns. This increase in production capacity is welcome news as the number of customers and users of our Rockscan service continue to grow.

As well as the small format document scanning services, we can provide scanning of large format source documents such as maps, plans and engineering drawings. AaRMS have two large format scanners capable of capturing in excess of 1000 images per day in black and white, greyscale or bitonal format.

AaRMS can also now scan all types of microfilm including:

♦ 16mm microfilm reels
♦ 35mm microfilm reels
♦ 16mm cartridges
♦ 16mm/35mm microfiche
♦ 35mm aperture cards

Our top of the range Wicks and Wilson scanning equipment provides us with one of the highest capacities in the UK, meaning we are able to offer a cost effective, speedy turnaround for any microfilm scanning projects.

For further information about our extended services, or for a no obligation quotation please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

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