Reducing Your Environmental Impact

AaRMS Ltd is committed to improving the access of records quickly and efficiently through its document scanning and document management solutions, the by-product of this is that the company becomes more environmentally efficient without implementing any major projects.

How does having documents scanned affect the environment?

There are a number of ways AaRMS services can help clients have an environmental impact on the company.

1. Reduction of document storage requirement

The need to store masses of paperwork will be significantly reduced, in some cases allowing organisations to downside their property estate. AaRMS have recently aided a recruitment company in downsizing to a smaller office allowing them to concentrate on core activity whilst relocating.

The reduction in hard copy storage requirements has a direct impact on the companies carbon footprint.

A reseller of rail products was able to expand a department by removing an archive enabling them to sub-let a portion of an office building within their complex.

2. Paper recycling 

All paperwork captured using our document scanning  scanning services are securely shredded and recycled into a number of different products from Biomass fuels to recycled paper. As well as  the paperwork, we also strive to recycle ancillaries such as paperclips, folders and archive boxes.

3. Injuries and Accidents

Every year within the office workplace, injury accounts for 1.9 million days off sick. A high proportion of this lost time is due to issues with lifting and carrying incorrectly. Therefore the best way to reduce this is to remove the need to lift. Implementing a document scanning service from AaRMS could reduce the risks associated with manual lifting significantly.

4. Charitable donations

Any folders or sleeves which are reusable and the client does not require them back post scanning are donated to local schools. Any hardware is securely formatted to ensure nothing can be recovered and passed across to our chosen charity Mustard Tree, supporting the homeless.


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