Microfiche and Microfilm Scanning Services

Cost effective solutions for bringing old archives back to life

AaRMS are one of the leading microfilm scanning services provider in the UK, with one of the highest operational capacities.

Although AaRMS has never converted any paper files on to microfilm or microfiche, it has developed a market leading microfilm scanning service to convert images into digital format. In its heyday, microfilm was the primary archiving format for organisations looking to reduce the size of their paper storage. However, working with microfilm has many limitations, not least the speed of retrieval when looking to find images.

Many billions of images and the vast amount of data they hold are still stored on microfilm, often with minimal ability to access the content. The retrieval technology is now either obsolete or has no place in the modern working environment, so the potential value to a business is not realised. AaRMS have a fleet of Wicks & Wilson microfilm scanners and a team of highly trained scanner operators capable of scanning all microfilm formats, including:Microfilm scanning

♦ 16mm microfilm rolls
♦ 35mm microfilm rolls
♦ 16mm microfiche
♦ 16mm cartridges
♦ 16mm/35mm microfiche
♦ 35mm aperture cards

Unfortunately the quality of images committed to microfilm can vary dramatically, principally due to the quality of the original service provider who produced the microfilm. However, AaRMS can produce high quality images even from the poorest quality originals. Our microfilm and microfiche scanners automatically capture greyscale and bitonal images and have a number of different dpi options, allowing the quality of the capture to be enhanced as required. Typical scanned output formats will include PDF, TIFF and JPEG.

Once the images have been captured the data is now readily available to be accessed and viewed instantly. As a further enhancement the images can be run through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) process, facilitating a keyword search facility for the end user.

Our cost effective microfilm scanning services help unlock the knowledge previously contained within microform archives, ensuring the value of the data is returned to your organisation.

For more information on any of our services please call us today on 0161 678 6548 or email enquiries@aarmsltd.com