The single most important issue within the document management industry

In today’s market, the increased demands on Security and the pressures to ensure compliance of stored documents is paramount. The damage to a company’s reputation and balance sheet for loss of vital information through poor Document Management practice could have serious repercussions.

AaRMS recognised when established back in 1999 that each and every client will expect their commercially sensitive documentation to be handled in a secure manner, ensuring integrity at all times. In order to create a Security focused culture, the Senior Management team authored a number of specific Policies & Procedures covering the document handling of client paperwork. The Policies have been refined and updated over time, and the principal message remains ingrained amongst our valued staff.

Our Policies and Procedures cover all aspects of the  processes involved in our daily activity, including:

♦ Document Collections & Deliveries
♦ Box logging and storage during the conversion process
♦ Scanning and indexing
♦ Document Handling
♦ Document shredding

AaRMS have robust systems in place to log all client material being transferred between the client site and our document scanning facility. Comprehensive records are kept all the way through the document scanning process, until the point where the documents are either returned to the client or securely shredded. This provides a full audit trail to illustrate transparency throughout the processes.

In order to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, as independently regulated by the Information Commissioners’ Office, every organisation must manage their data responsibly. AaRMS have built our systems in order to provide compliance to our clients when they outsource document scanning or shredding services to us. Having been in the document management industry since 1999, we have an exceptional strong knowledge and understanding of Security and are happy to provide consultancy to both existing and prospective customers alike.

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