Ensuring confidentiality is at the core of our operations at all times

Confidentiality is at the heart of our operation. Every customer has to have confidence in AaRMS as an outsourced document scanning supplier, and AaRMS in turn has to have confidence in every member of staff.

Our protocol around confidentiality is well established and compliant with industry requirements. There are to aspects to our approach to confidentiality; how we interact with our customers and how we interact with our staff.

Staff Confidentiality

Each new employee at AaRMS has to successfully complete an induction programme, part of which covers the security of sensitive data. All Policies & Procedures relating to this topic are discussed and the employee must acknowledge the full understanding and consequently sign a Confidentiality  Agreement. This Agreement covers the sensitive handling of documentation in a discreet manner and enforces that none of the data can be disclosed to any other third party.

As and when any updates are made to our confidentiality documentation, they are either conveyed through a document on the Staff Noticeboard or verbally communicated by a member of Senior Management. The process of educating staff on the importance of Confidentiality is a constant at AaRMS, as we strive to maintain high standards throughout all levels of the business.

AaRMS can also periodically operate a number of scanning operations at Client sites, often involving a heightened level of security due to the sensitive nature of the document types. As such, additional project-specific information would be conveyed to the staff members involved as part of an initial Project Workshop. Typically, extra vetting of the staff may be undertaken by the client to ensure all people involved in the project are suitably security cleared.

Client Confidentiality

AaRMS offer a level of transparency rarely seen in the document scanning and archiving industry. The business has been built up since 1999 on the principals of good practice, and we are happy to be open with our clients in order to gain their trust and confidence. All of our Policies and Procedures can be audited if required, and a Confidentiality Agreement signed between both parties. AaRMS are more than aware that we operate in a trust based business, and are proud of our reputation and the confidence we instill into our valued client base.

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