Frequently Asked Questions

Q?How can document management help me?

Document management and scanning solutions are an incredibly powerful tool. It allows swift secure access to your records at the click of a button. How it can make a difference can depend on the department it is implemented.

Credit control will see a noticeable difference when debt chasing, How often has a client said they’ve not received a proof of delivery? With our solutions they could have a copy whilst they are still on the phone. Its difficult to query it when in front of their face.

This is the same for accounts payable when they get a query on an unpaid invoice, the clerk can ensure the document in question has been signed off and paid simply by checking the data.

Quality Control can reduce the stress levels by locating files simply and easily. A client contacts and queries a design or a product. Looking up on our solution will be significantly easier than hunting through boxes or files for the right card.

Documents take up a lot of room so expansion could be limiting simply because of where you store your records. With AaRMS solutions you could easily expand a department or develop a new one with the space freed up. Space is never free, it always comes with a cost so why waste money on something that can be stored more efficiently.

Q?How hard is it to setup?

It is actually incredibly simple and a lot of clients do not realise how easy it is until the system is in place. Our specialists provide expert consultancy to ensure you receive the appropriate  service and systems.  We are an agile and dynamic company so can move very fast when setting up a new document management client.

Q?What happens to the documents after?

This is entirely your decison, you can have the documents back, or we retain the documents for 3 months and then securely shred them once you have notified the relevant party you are changing your storage methods.

Q?What does it cost?

The cost depends on the duration, scope and specification of the service required, but we only charge per image for the full electronic storage solution. Some competitors have a marketing line offering massively reduced headline prices but when it comes down to the actual charges, there are extra fees for:

› Collection
› Indexing
› Preparation
› Disks
› Online storage fees
› License fees

We offer all of the above within our per image price.

Q?How do I know what you have scanned?

Once completed we will perform an audit of the information in question and compile a database of what has been scanned. Highlighted will be any issues where the operator has been unable to index electronically or locate values within the hard copy. AaRMS will alert all those with permission to access that the records are ready for access.

Q?How soon can the records be accessible?

We offer a rapid scan and upload service within a  24/48 hour period. However we have the flexibility to work to shorter or longer timescales depending on the client requirements.

Q?What backup and security precautions have you got in place?

We have in total 3 backup devices plus the actual master server. All storage systems are housed in different location geographically with the highest level of security.

Q?What happens if your system goes down, how can I access my records?

AaRMS has implemented a system where should for any reason the service drop, we have a replicated backup system, which replaces the master system so little or no down time is seen.

Q?How long does it take to setup?

Very little time at all, all you need to do is assess how you want to retrieve the information, who has permissions and let us do all the rest. We will undertake a Pilot Test for you to assess the system and once approved by both parties the system is ready to use.

Q?We are using someone already and there are fees to leave?

At AaRMS we are sympathetic to your situation and will try to incorporate the cost into the first years charges. Generally our savings more than justify moving anyway. Having been in the industry since 1999 we are aware of a number of tactics used by less than scrupulous competitors, and can often advise ways to be released from an existing contract with impunity.

Q?Can I cancel the agreement?

Yes, as much as we hate to see clients leave, we have a strict 3 month notice period. However, we hope that the levels of service we provide will mean you will never want to leave us.