Document Scanning to PDF

Cost effective, high quality document scanning  to PDF services

The paperless office has still not arrived, but it is possible to take steps in the right direction. Many forward thinking organisations have made the operational decision to use a document scanning to PDF service rather than work with original paper copies. There are many document scanning service providers in the marketplace, but AaRMS has positioned itself at the forefront of the market based on high quality, exceptional customer service and cost effective pricing.

Many companies have purchased scanning equipment and set up an internal document scanning department. However it is often more efficient to use a specialist document scanning services provider for a number of reasons:

♦ It is not your core business
♦ You need to plan for when staff are on leave, off sick or leave the company
♦ You will need to plan for operational downtime
♦ It can be more cost effective to outsource
♦ AaRMS have highly skilled document scanning teams
♦ AaRMS have cutting edge document scanners and data capture software
♦ AaRMS can provide a continuous, robust service

AaRMS offer a document scanning to PDF service to meet a broad variety of requirements. Aside from our scan-to-web services, we have the flexibility to digitise paperwork and deliver it to customers for stand alone use or integration into their existing systems. In its simplest and most cost effective form AaRMS would scan the client paper files and return a set of PDF files and an associated metatdata file to aid rDocument Scanning to PDFetrieval. As a response to client demands, AaRMS also convert files to PDF/A format for compliance purposes.

With this core document scanning to PDF service, typically our clients will receive the scanned data back via digital media (DVD, external hard drive) or alternatively through SFTP transfer. This is a cost effective solution aimed at reducing the space occupied by your archives, whilst ensuring retrieval is available in a simple and speedy way.

As an enhanced service, AaRMS can also provide a server based retrieval solution for the PDF files, easily installed and intuitive for the end users to work with. AaRMS can also deliver data back in a format that can be readily imported into client systems, including Civica, Easy Software, Northgate, SAP and Oracle.

Our document scanning to PDF service is operated in accordance with BIP0008 standards: ‘Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically’, ensuring compliance for our valued customers.

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