Document Scanning Cost Guide

Our Systems are Simple and Transparent

Document scanning costA lot of organisations deem that the space being taken up by their archives has no associated cost. Wrong! Office is space is expensive and could often be better used for fee earning processes, or a reduction in their estate occupancy will delivery a real cost saving. AaRMS have put together a simple  in order for you to work out the scope of your document archiving requirements.

Hard copy archiving typically involves the following costs which are often overlooked when assessing the efficiency of archiving methods. Below are a list of items 95% of companies use in the storage of their paperwork:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Folders
  • Dividers
  • Box Files
  • Racking/Shelving
  • Archive Boxes
  • Transfer cases
  • Shredding facility
  • Staff search and retrieval time
  • Storage of empty folders, boxes, files, empty cabinets, transfer cases and shelves

Using our scan to cloud services will allow you to virtually eliminate these costs. The biggest savings will be achieved in the space occupied and time taken retrieving from the physical hard copy paperwork. The Human Resource costs associated with hard copy archiving can be drastically reduced and typically include the following processes:

  • Prepare the filing
  • Filing the data
  • Cataloging the files correctly
  • Accessing hard copy records
  • Access refile
  • Find misplaced files
  • Replacing missing documents
  • Refiling the new documents
  • Assessing records for destruction
  • Organizing destruction
  • Replacing the storage media used

AaRMS offer a transparent pricing model; a simple cost per image price includes the preparation, scanning, indexing and hosting of images on our Rockscan web retrieval system. There are no additional licence costs or hidden extras, and the simplicity allows the end user to allocate a monthly budget to cover the comprehensive service.

What do you get for your money?

Take a look at our FAQs and it will explain what is included.


The pricing model for our document shredding service is simple. The system is based on a per box charge so you can calculate very quickly how much it will cost if included within a quote. All paper is shredded in accordance with BSEN:15713-2009, and is subsequently recycled.

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