What We Do

Document archiving solutions for your valuable data.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide robust document archiving for your data in a secure digital format whilst improving accessibility in a controlled form across your company. We will create highly efficient accessibility whilst reducing the dangers of data loss and physical injuries associated with handling bulky paper based records. In addition it is our mission to assist you in reducing the environmental impact of your company by eliminating the need for paper based processes.

Lock up for years

A recent change to legislation has meant that paper copies are not required to be kept by law in many situations, subject to the implementation of a Best Practice document archiving strategy. Providing consent has been given by the relevant governing bodies, and the document scanning is in accordance with relevant British Standards, the paper copy no longer needs be retained. AaRMS provides a tailor made service for each client in helping to eliminate the need for keeping paper based records.Document archiving

Usually only one copy of a document exists putting the company in a vulnerable position if for any reason it is irretrievable. AaRMS can provide a system which will give the user peace of mind by enabling clients to provide duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate copies in a variety of secure locations to ensure that data is never at risk of loss or destruction.

We can provide a service tailored to suit your individual archiving needs. Information is scanned and made instantly available through our secure online portal.

Look up in seconds

Scanned images are available in seconds through Rockscan, and accessible from anywhere in the world with a valid username and password. The time spent trawling through the office archives can be a thing of the past, and the paperless office no longer a dream.

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